FUSSE S.A. is a leading company related to the electrical area that is located in the south of Great Buenos Aires. For over 30 years we have been devoted to satisfy the necessities of the electromechanical market in everything related to connections to wires such as copper terminals and joints, aluminium terminals and joints, pre insulated terminals, among others, providing continuous technical advice to our clients and constantly giving solutions to their enquiries. Founded in 1978 by Sergio Szapowalo, Fusse broke out to the market following the line of American Type fusils, developed in Argentina by the FAFA firm (SZAPOWALO BROTHERS), leading later to the extensive spectrum of connectors to wires of electrical use that characterises us today. Our continuous hard work, and honesty have made FUSSE one of the most outstanding companies in the market in relation to quality and technical contribution providing a great recognition over the years that will last attached to the bases of our company.



Since the beginning we have emphasized details in the termination on the product and the brightness that currently terminals and connections have thanks to tinned copper electro deposition, thereby eliminating the opaqueness this kinds of parts tend to have. We implemented a system of continuous annealing copper pieces to allow us to obtain the hardness required as needed, the fundamental feature when performing the compression of connectors. We created our own certified laboratory with certified patterns, equipped with latest generation instruments, to control hardness and electrical conductivity for both raw material and elaborated pieces, ensuring quality and reliability of our manufacturing process, placing us as the only company in Argentina of electrical wire connectors which have this type of endorsement.



With great effort and clear objectives, we have expanded our plant, opening a new warehouse so that we can double our production capacity and, in a short time, we will implement the latest machinery for the development of new products requested by the biggest companies of Argentina. We launched a complete line of "Manual and Hydraulic Tools for electrical use” , of supreme quality, ensuring the correct operation and durability, counting with a full repairing and maintenance service for this type of tools, also adding the line "Clamps and connectors" for distribution and special connectors for grounding.

The most important is our concept of absolute security in all that is done or planned, which has been tested and certified with technical support over the years, demonstrated by facts and not only words.

Thank you for your continuous support and confidence.