Certification ISO 9001:2015 NÂș AR-O237924 issued by BUREAU VERITAS

imageThe satisfaction of our customers and access to the rest of the market to strengthen their presence through a steady evolution in the quality of products and the services involved in marketing.

imageImplementation of a system that allows continuous analysis of design, according to the latest technologies to achieve the highest possible quality in the finished product.

imageTo foster the development of new production techniques that, while achieving a greater manufacturing efficiency and certainty in the quality, provide a better working environment, access to new technologies of the personnel involved and a major control of the operational security.

 imageTo set the improving of the production processes as a goal to achieve rational use of resources, adapting to the current and future regulations and to reach a proper integration to the community.

imageTo make an effort to provide training, expertising and resources to members of the company to reach its development and to establish higher goals in group achievement.

image Encourage the active participation of members of the company in analyzing and assessing operational problems and establish effective channels of communication to understand their needs and evaluate the results of implementations.

image Finally, declare the full commitment of the Directorate with the need to implement the required methodology to achieve a continuous improvement process, whether of the product, production systems or working environment.